Our History

It was a passion for numbers and helping people during the early 1980’s recession that led the founding partners to commence their journey in financial planning originally under the name of Symes Warne & Associates.



Founded under the name of Symes Warne & Associates



A new name and new look under SWA Financial Planning



A growing reputation as one of the most respected independent firms in Australia

In 2010 our new business name SWA Financial Planning was established to reflect our current and long standing ownership structure and senior management team.

Today, SWA Financial Planning has built a reputation as one of the most respected boutique financial planning firms not only in the Illawarra and Southern Sydney, but throughout Australia.

Our focus is to provide a proactive advice service to our clients with an objective to better their financial position and therefore their life over the long term.

SWA is known for delivering highly personalised advice solutions that give our clients financial security and peace of mind so they can get on with the business of having a great life.

Our client oriented culture ensures that we have one of the most stable teams of financial planning professionals in the profession. We also enjoy low turnover in our dedicated support services team.

Central to SWA Financial Planning long term success is the culture we have and the core values that define who we are.

SWA has always fiercely remained 100% owned by its staff members. This enables us to best represent our clients’ interests first – and not those of any product provider or owner. SWA is proud to be one of the few Australian Financial Planning firms that qualifies as independent.

Our Investment Philosophy

SWA Financial Planning has a conservative approach to investing. Before recommending any investment the first question we ask ourselves is what can go wrong. The potential return is not considered until we have a thorough understanding of the risks involved.

Our philosophy has been based around the understanding that most people have worked hard and saved for their retirement, and do not want to risk their life savings by taking excessive investment risks.

SWA Financial Planning is owned by its staff members and has held its own Australian Financial Services Licence since it started in 1982. SWA is an independent financial planning firm. This means we have the freedom and choice to select investments we feel are the most appropriate for our clients. We represent our clients when making decisions in this regard, so our focus is on making sure our clients gain access to the highest quality investments for the lowest possible cost.

  • Our clients want…
  • Quality independent advice & professional service
  • Easy to understand recommendations
  • Outcomes aligned with their objectives
  • Tailored investment strategies
  • Friendly and dependable staff

Our Clients

SWA Financial Planning’s primary focus has always been and will continue to be providing the highest quality advice and service for our clients.

Looking after our clients‘ life savings is a responsibility we take very seriously. As an advice based business, we take great pride in providing the highest quality recommendations. Our clients value our advice in simplifying complexity and implementing strategies which provide outcomes consistent with their objectives in the most cost and tax effective manner.

Our business has been built on our relationship with our clients and our reputation for ethical advice with a conservative approach. Becoming a client of SWA Financial Planning is a two way process. As well as clients needing to be comfortable with our approach, it is equally important for us to ensure the clients we take on share our Investment Philosophy and conservative approach to the management of their financial lives. Clients chasing high risk strategies or the latest investment fads will likely not be suited to SWA Financial Planning.